How to Become a Comedian, Part 7: The Well

How to Become a Comedian, Part 7: The Well


If you haven't already, look back at what we've already covered.

Ok, here's where we get spiritual.  So you've done all the writing and stuff, but it's time for me to let you in on a new secret.  The ideas that come from you aren't yours.  Especially the really good ones.  That's good news.  It means you're off the hook.  It means you're off the hook to "figure it out" and to "do it right."  You' dont' have to worry about whether your jokes are "funny enough" or "good enough" because they're not coming from you anyway.  They're coming from Source.  From something greater.  Some source outside yourelf.  Even this idea isn't mine!  (Thank you, Guides!)  

ACTION: Sit with a new blank piece of notebook paper and light a candle.  Send a wish, prayer, or invocation out, calling for your muses.  Ask them to help you go to the Source, the Well, to pick out some really genius ideas, and to be their champion to bring them back to the world.  Set a timer for at least 10 minutes and just wait.  Then start writing.  Don't worry about what comes, just write.  Do this for at least a week.  

Next up: What to do with it all…

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