India and The Fringe

India and The Fringe

I arrived in Bombay a little while ago, and I’m well, if a little dizzy from the heat at the sweet chai…  see, this morning I got up at 4:30 to ring the bell for morning chanting.  It was the lat day of a 10-day Vipassana meditation course in Igatpuri at Dhamma Giri. Caught a ride to the train station, and took a 4 hour train rode to Aurangabad with some new Vipassana friends.

 Aurangabad is a city about 7 hours east of Bombay, and like all the cities I’ve been to so far, the crazy streets are lined with little shops selling clothing, electrical cords, batteries, bananas, dead goat meat… Tomorrow, we’re giong to see some caves carved by monks two thousand years ago (Elora). Tonight, though, Caz, Mahesh (who has a crush on Caz and is treating us all like royal guests in his city), and Annalia are going to see an Indian movie called Mythia!

Oh, and I just check the Fringe Festival lottery website, and it appears my show *The Punchline* will be one of the shows put on by the Fringe in September! Hurrah! Pictures of my travels are on the way…  still working on uploading them.  Thank you for all of your wonderful wishes for my trip–I’m sending you my best as well. 

with Metta…

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