Fox “News” hosting a Democratic presidential primary debate

Fox “News” hosting a Democratic presidential primary debate

So this morning there was another email from Usually I click on the link and sign it and, well, move on. That’s why they call it move on. But this morning I started typing a comment in the comment box, and this is what came out:

“As someone who works in the news, I know how difficult it is these days to speak the truth when the bottom line is always looming above us. More than ever, we need to stand for truth instead of fear, and we need the media to take that stand with us. I’m sick of Fox’s sensationalism, fearmongering, hijacking of our language, and imposing their “truth” by brute force and loudness. Fox has created a Frankenstein with slickly stitched body parts of news, entertainment, horror movie, and unabashed partisan political aggression. And I feel broken-hearted and, sadly, jaded by the manner in which the rest of the news companies have followed Fox’s lead into this dangerous laboratory.

Dr. Martin Luther King said that the arc of justice is long. He didn’t mean, “Wait a while and we’ll see what good things happen.” He meant, “Persevere in your diligent work for justice; your action will yield fruit.” Let us take that action today.”

(And we can take that action, in an armchair-liberal sort of way, by signing this petition here that I happen to have linked right here: )

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