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Eat, Pray, Laugh!

Eat, Pray, Laugh!

Roar of the Crowd

Audience Reviews:


“Brilliantly serious (I went to India 40 years ago – can you believe it?)  Very very helpful for me in many ways, spiritually, as well as being so unbelievably genius.  I was amazed at every single line – her timing, acting, nuanced humor, profound points, the FACES she made!  And that chanting after the boooooring vipassana.  We were repeating lines all the way home.


Eat, Pray, Laugh! is easily as good as Eddie Izzard (probably the funniest man) and he has a cult following and sells out theaters.”

-Katie D.


This show was HILARIOUS and profound. I love funny and smart adventure stories, and this show is a LIVE form of that. It’s official, i’m now an Alicia Dattner fan. I can’t wait to see her next show! If i can see this show again i will! I was bent over laughing at times.



“I saw this play last night and totally recommend going to see it, non-stop laughs! I am still giggling over some of the gems e.g. “per my parents influence (they’re: Jewish…Dad, atheist Mom), I wanted to meet a doctor who was good enough for me but I didn’t believe he existed”, Ha!”


-Audience Member


“Alicia Dattner…a hilariously talented performer full of pizazz, ebullient heart and irreverence! Poignancy & urbane indignation we can all relate to…You’ll love this quixotic quest for enlightenment…India and Alicia beckon!”

-Audience Member

“Fabulous. A lot of fun and laughs. You don’t want to miss this one.”

-Audience Member


Eat, Pray, Laugh! was hilarious and enlightening at the same time! Her miming of the men’s eyes was uncanny. And even though I have studied hiduism and practice kirtan, I liked that these things were explained clearly and easily for others.

-Audience Member


“I’m indian and dating a jew. She really gave you the funny, adventure of India. India is such a comedy if you don’t take it to seriously. So much easier to laugh about it afterwards too. We laughed so hard because we were reminded of our own experiences there. Bravo to you, Alicia!!”



“A great one woman piece, very intimate and very funny. One of those rare comedy shows where you come out of it having not just had a good laugh, but also feeling as though you’ve learned something about life and what it means to be human.”

-Audience Member


“I’d give this a 3.5 out of 4 star rating, and I am a very tough reviewer. I took two women, one an avid fan of “Eat, Pray, Love”, and the other determined to spend a year in India, and both loved it. Alicia puts herself out there and describes the good, the bad, and the funny of her adventure. 

-Audience Member


Alicia was absolutely AWESOME! Saw her show last night and my facial muscles are still contracted :D they kind of hurt too by the end of the show… it was just a WONDERFUL time, around a bright, witty, cool girl (the great vibe of the audience didn’t hurt, either).”-Audience Member

“The chai she made for the audience, along with her openness, sociability are just as addictive as her comedy. Go see her and ENJOY! This show will offer a heartwarming experience… if You are open to it :)”
-Audience Member

“How wonderful it was to finally see you perform on stage…I can’t believe I waited so long. You are brilliant! Your show is fantastic…it’s funny, honest and authentic. What courage to bare so much of yourself and to bring everyone along for the ride. My favorite moments are when you give yourself over to silliness (the yoga poses, the leg spreading, the funny faces). You have incredible presence during those times. As your character evolves throughout the course of the show, so does your performance. Becoming more and more authentic, more and more intimate until that Alicia that I know is just shining through with love and light. And I don’t think it matters if an audience member knows you…because you are just right there in all your glory! Your accents are great, your bobble-head is right on. You pregnant pauses are perfect. I loved it and I’m so glad I went! In fact, I was having a somewhat crappy day and all wrapped up in myself and then I read some helpful stuff on the way down and saw your show…what a smart thing to do! You turned my day around! Wow there are a lot of exclamation points in that paragraph! 

“Wonderful to see your show in Northampton!! Deeply moving – inspiring – belly laughing – compassionate – passionate – sexy – spiritual – ALL of Life was there with you! Great to enjoy your company with the Performance Project folks – hope you return to Western MA – you were a HIT today!!”
-Audience Member 

“My roommate and I decided to go see Alicia’s performance randomly because we needed a “cheering up” this past week. We really had zero expectations but we were absolutely blown away by Alicia’s clever and amazing wit. Her performance was by far the funniest female stand-up act I have seen… and she isn’t my friend so I am not biased :-). If you are looking to laugh for an hour and a half straight this is where you need to be. In fact she was so funny, we are taking a bunch of our friends to see her next week! She really made our week!”
 -Audience Member

“I have been to India twice and could definitely identify with many of the hilarious encounters Alicia had along the way but I also think anyone could identify with parts of this universal search for meaning and purpose. Kudos to Alicia for keeping the performance alive and fresh!”

-Audience Member


“Very funny and insightful. Great impersonations. I laughed alot.”

-Andrea K


“Loved Alicia’s bubbly personality. She transported me to India where I felt a part of her adventure!”

-Audience Member


“The show was hilarious!! My cousin and I were completely absorbed by her comedic storytelling skills..perfect for such an intimate setting! I would watch her again in a heartbeat :) Alicia – thank you for sharing and bringing laughter to our night!”



“Alicia’s show was a spiritual experience! The perfect combination of heart and hilarity!!! And Josh says: “your show ‘out-Buddhas’ the best of them!” 

-Theda H.


“This “serious” comedy presentation is not only hilarious, but thought-provoking. Avoiding cheaps shots, Alicia comments on the process of spiritual seeking with balance, great humanity, and a sense of the absurd. Her delivery is amazing and her pacing held my interest for the whole show. 

Her willingness to reveal herself to an audience is awe-inspiring. The gifts of chai, sweets and kirtan (chanting) are a bonus feature. I would highly recommend this to anyone remotely interested in India or spirituality. Or interested in novel applications of humor.”

-Dennis E.


“I have been to India twice and could definitely identify with many of the hilarious encounters Alicia had along the way but I also think anyone could identify with parts of this universal search for meaning and purpose. Kudos to Alicia for keeping the performance alive and fresh!”

-Audience Member


“Going to India I’ve found is an experience quite hard to describe but Alicia makes it funny, moving and thoroughly enjoyable. I brought 3 friends who all found it very entertaining and unique.”



“Your show was really funny and REAL!”



“I had just arrived in S.F. that day from the east coast, so, even though I was already three hours ahead of the local time, I loved (and stayed awake) for every bit of Alicia’s hilarious, heartfelt and honest performance. The stories she lived were so hilarious that you just knew they were drawn from real life. Alicia knows how to connect with her audience. Maybe that’s from her experience in the sometimes brutal trenches of live, stand-up comedy. Bring this show to New York please! And Edinburgh’s Fringe Fest! So when will the rest of the country get to see this show as a special on Comedy Central, Showtime or HBO?”

-Clay C.


“This chick is awesome! Love her show!”

-Audience Member


“Alicia is a very funny stand up and calls on here experiences in India and in life, trying to find herself. She was great, i am surprised i never heard of her before.”

-Carole D. 


“I laughed until my belly ached, tears streamed from my eyes, and I was gasping for breath. And … I was deeply moved by Alycia’s soulful expression and radiant smile. Her energy on stage was electrifying. “Eat, Pray, Laugh!” was really quite brilliant.  I had invited three friends to join me and each one loved it! We drove 2-1/2 hours to see the show. It was worth it and then some!”

-Jennifer A. G. 


“Energetic, warm, reminded me of my travels; she is charming, funny and lovable.”

-Elizabeth H.


“I am just amazed how you managed to keep the audience captivated for 75 minutes  Despite having heard of it 3 times already, I still found some jokes funnier, and some situations worth reflecting upon..


The basics were all covered: good use of center & down stages, awesome voice modulation, well paced show with clever variation of tempo to keep the audience hooked, and well crafted transitions. You have a cool stage presence and the body language was too good.


What I found special about your show is that the there was this common thread throughout the story (unlike typical stand ups where they just put together disconnected stories) and it was very satisfying to travel through the range of emotions, situations, skills, and personalities you effortlessly took us through.”

-Thilee S.


“OMG!  Eat, Pray, Laugh is a spiritual experience!  I was enlightened at least three times.  In fact, I may have died laughing.  I wanna do it again.”

-Boston B.


“I often find myself quite self-consciously speechless after a great show, and this was the case after Alicia’s show. I felt a healthy range of emotions and was moved my her unbridled exuberance and brilliant writing. Alicia is in the right line of work, the way I see it.  boy… it is stunning! Every show of hers I see is richer and more cathartic to watch. Effin’ funny stuff.”

-Karen S.


“Not sure if you know this feeling, but I am sure that many of us who are not stand-up comedians do. You leave a show (a comedy show) wanting to repeat jokes you’ve just heard to the friends you went with who just heard the same jokes. That in itself is odd, since you’ve all just heard the show, but the jokes struck your funny bone so that you want to retell them. And they were so funny that you can remember a few. Which is unusual, since you usually can’t remember any! <—note judicial use of exclamation mark. Then jokes start coming back to you (because they were so funny!). And to your friends. Then, for twenty minutes, you and your friends are having a great old time with, “Yeah, and remember the one….” You’re laughing all over again. You don’t get the jokes exactly right, but since you all just heard them, the clumsy reprise makes everybody laugh anyway. And appreciate the mastery (myriad of accents, contortionist-crab-walking) of the original teller. (Alicia!!) <—- Oops. Two exclamation marks. That is never tolerable.


You’re also appreciating having had your thinking bone tickled. And your spirit lifted. And your heart caressed.  That’s how dessert went around the table at Max’s at the corner of Geary and Mason after Eat, Pray, Laugh!”

-Steve B.



“Great show; Alicia is very talented and inspiring.”
 -Beth F.



“Beautiful work from this woman. I r-e-a-l-l-y enjoyed it. She made me laugh for an hour straight. THAT’S talent!!!!”
 -Aaron K.

“Great material and a charismatic delivery, the show would make a great introduction for a first time audience member to become familiar with the Fringe format.”

-Audience Member


“A friend and I saw this show last night. What a wonderful experience! Her writing is so sharp, better than most comics’ I’ve seen. Her timing, use of space on stage, wisdom and wit combo, impersonations of different nationalities, and overall genuine humanity wowed us. I hope she’ll be appearing in New York soon–or at least The Marsh! Seems like it would be perfect for that venue. She should be so proud (and so busy as more people and more are fortunate enough to see her work.) Truly great work last night.”


“Eat, Pray, Laugh! is a comedic retelling of a three month excursion to India. It is not a mere self-indulgent travelogue that one might expect based on the tile’s reference. Alicia offers wit, insight, and indeed her own somewhat off-kilter enlightenment and new-found inner strength from a journey were she met a variety of people who ultimately were no more “exotic” than you or I. Also, Alicia is very funny.”
“I took my hubby to see Alicia’s new show tonight, because last year, he missed it, and I wanted him to see just how funny she is. This new show is refreshing,very funny and she sparkles in telling her story of her trip to India. Her yogic chanting was the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time, and impressions of various men she met along the way, were hysterical. I can’t wait to see where she travels for next year’s show! You go girl!
-Mrs. T
“I grew up on Mort Sahl, Lenny Bruce, and Mel Brooks, so I’m skeptical about young comedians, but I am completely sold on Alicia Dattner’s wit, presence, physical grace, timing, and dazzling mimetic mastery of a wide range of accents.”
-Bob L.
“She kept us on the edge of our seats with suspense, laughter and titilation (which should be “ta-ta”lation which will only make sense after you see the show, so see it!). Alicia is a gifted story teller and comedian with dead on impressions and whole body (and spirit) dedication. There were several laugh out loud one liners as well. There’s a good message in this too: Don’t take yourself (and your “journey”) so damn seriously!”
-Liz G.
“Alicia Dattner has a wonderful way of turning adversity into humor and comedy. Whether or not you have or have not been to India, her adventures and misadventures will leave you hungry for curry and coincidentally, there are are several excellent Indian restaurants in the Tenderloin, near the Exit Theatres!”

 “Ms. Dattner, you light up the room! Your storytelling is colorful and aromatic, your sentiment is golden and your genuine sense of humor shines.”
-Theda H.
“If you’ve ever been to India, done yoga, or even been around someone who has done either…this show is for you. Alicia’s story telling and comic expression left me laughing long after the show was over.”
-Ryan D.

“I laughed from my belly hearing alicia…  I could relate to so much of what she was saying…  She finds the humor in the mundane and brings it out in a way that I find myself howling…grateful for the laughter alicia brings to my belly and heart…”
-Sasha R.