Testimonial – Life Coaching

Testimonial – Life Coaching

"I used to be disappointed that I don't create the connections in my life that I'd like.  I now see how my way of connecting can be very much a one-way street.  Alica asked me about what I wanted (connection) and how I would know when I had it.  What I saw in that moment was the ways in which I can be very present with people yet where they still somehow find me inaccessible. I saw that I am very vague when talking about my own feelings and that I use this to keep people at arm's length. For the first time maybe ever I actually saw and felt the dissonance between how I am with people and how I let them be with me. WOW!

Alica also had me feel into what kind of question I might ask where I would actually feel vulnerable, thereby taking down the wall that keeps people out. This was a stroke of brilliance on Alica's part. We threw around some ideas and landed on one that felt so vulnerable that I actually threw it out the first time around. "How do you feel about me?" Yikes! Getting reflection and contribution from Alica in that vulnerable moment put me into an incredible place of bliss and connection that I'm not sure I've ever been in. 

We did an incredible amount of very deep work an a very short period of time – quite possibly the most efficient hour of coaching I've ever gotten… really!  It was incredible – a huge breakthrough for me."

~Ben P.

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