the latest show on earth!

the latest show on earth!

the culmination of months of work comes to a head this friday at 8:30 at the odeon…

you heard the talk. the bull-shitting. the fence-sitting. the high-stepping. everyone says it… “hey, i’m-running-away-and-starting-a-circus!” well i finally did it. and i’m still talking to my circus partner ben.

we really toured the country. we read the odyssey. we slept on the floors of anarchists. we gave autographs (twice). we punched a girl in the mouth for fifty cents. we perfected the witty banter. we ate grits. we gained 10 pounds. we drove 6,100 miles. we listened to the postal service cd for three contiguous states. we roped complete strangers into compromising acrobatic positions on stage. we marched in the halloween parade in new york. we deconstructed foucault in chicago. we mourned the election in cambridge.

we inflicted ourselves on the rest of the country to make the best show for you. and now we’re back. be the first to be the last to see the show!

the latest show on earth


at the Self-Taming Lion-Man!

at the World’s Tallest Dwarf and the Earth’s Smallest Giant!

The Emotional Escape Artist, who can writhe from an iron-clad marriage

The Anorexic Fire-Eater!

at the hilarious gags of Puke-O the Clown!

* PLUS! our Sideshow Obscuro of Post-Modern Curiosities and panoply of
wonders including: The Machina Destina! A mechanical “wish-catapult contraption”
found in an attic from 1907! Massive Al, the largest curd of cottage cheese EVER!
And the Bad Idea Bubble Gum Machine–a terrible idea especially for you inside
every gumball!

We’re sure you’ll find it the stupidest and most entertaining show on the road today!

Heading up this interactive novelty circus is Dattner, San Francisco underground standup comedian and award-winning filmmaker-turned-ringmaster . this luscious and loquacious verbal acrobat sublimates her exhibitionistic tendencies and exploits her audience in a spontaneous, multimedia extravaganza.

Throw in some original big top tunes, a few old-time movieolas, and a
menagerie of human animals, and you end up with the Latest Show on Earth: a
variety show of infinite array, a panorama of pageantry!

About Administrator

Alicia Dattner is a comedian and speaker who jousts with such topics of love, time-management, money, environmentalism, politics, spirituality, and creativity. Her first solo show, The Punchline, recently won Best of the Fringe in the San Francisco Fringe Festival 2008. Her second show, Eat Pray Laugh won Best Storyteller at the NY United Solo Festival. Her company, Making Light, is dedicated to bringing humor and lightness into spirituality, relationship, and every day life.

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