getting your shit together

getting your shit together

chapter 12 – how do you get shit done if you don’t know which shit to do?

so i found myself reading ‘what color is your parachute?’ this afternoon. but dattner, you say, you must have your shit together and get it done so easily. you have my own website and everything! look at what you do! you make movies, you run circuses, you tell jokes to people who laugh, you edit the news, you write screenplays, you act! you’re a model for those of us who were wondering what color our parachute was! your parachute is probably very clearly a specific mauve and eggshell pinstripe! and i bet it never catches on fire when you fire up that heater that excites the air molecules and makes it rise, and i also bet no one ever hides on the side of the basket and then climbs inside and tries to highjack you and your briefcase of money as you make your ascent and great escape! i bet that never happens! what more could you possibly need to know that would be found in such a book?

well, dear reader, much can always be learned… more soon.

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Alicia Dattner is a comedian and speaker who jousts with such topics of love, time-management, money, environmentalism, politics, spirituality, and creativity. Her first solo show, The Punchline, recently won Best of the Fringe in the San Francisco Fringe Festival 2008. Her second show, Eat Pray Laugh won Best Storyteller at the NY United Solo Festival. Her company, Making Light, is dedicated to bringing humor and lightness into spirituality, relationship, and every day life.

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