The Rising

The Rising

We were driving in the car yesterday listening to NPR.  They were playing Obama’s top ten favorite songs according to Blender magazine.  Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire” was on his list, and I thought, “God, Barack is so hot.”  And then I just burst into tears.  It’s been so bad for so long, that the idea of this country getting on track again is hard to open up to.  It’s feels like having been in an abusive relationship for the last eight years, and now there’s this new guy, and he’s not only saying all the right things, he’s doing some of them.  You want to let the love in, you want to let it work you out and heal you, but there are wounds.  There’s mercury in the fish, the FDA and the FCC are in the hands of profiteers, the unholy, unspoken union between the food industry and the healthcare industry are consipiring to bankrupt us of our health and our money.

This fancy talkin’ new President sure sounds sweet, but the truth is he won’t meet our expectations.  He’s here to lead us and shows us back to the path to take responsibility back into our own hands and to fulfill our expectations ourselves through perseverance and right action.

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